TNT is a mining tool in Block Miner. It can be bought from the market, or be found in golden chests.

TNT types.Edit

There are two types of TNT, and Small TNT is one of them. When used, it will have a short delay, and will explode in a 3x3 range. Small TNT can destroy all kinds of ores, except blocks owned by others and all chests except red. The Small TNT may have a chance to miss the diagonal blocks on explosion.

Large TNT cannot be bought with credits. When used, it will have a short delay, same as small TNT, and will explode in a 5x5 range. Same as Small TNT, it can destroy all kinds of blocks except owned blocks and non-red chests. However, the Large TNT, compared to the Small TNT, is much weaker and have a higher chance to miss half of the blocks.

TNT prices(In the market)Edit

Name Price for
Small TNT 12 credits/1 coin 5
Large TNT 2 coins 10

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