Smooth Bricks can be only be crafted by premium members. Such smooth bricks are very valuable for the mostly non-premium community.

There are polished diamond bricks but you have to buy them with coins,in the market.
Screenshot from 2014-05-13 13-06-46

The smooth crafting window.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Crafting Recipe Result
X1 Rough Amethyst X25 Smooth Amethyst Brick
X1 Bronze Ore X25 Smooth Bronze Brick
X1 Rough Emerald X25 Smooth Emerald Brick
X1 Gold Ore X25 Smooth Gold Brick
X1 Iron Ore X25 Smooth Iron Brick
X1 Raruim Ore X25 Smooth Raruim Brick
X1 Rough Ruby X25 Smooth Ruby Brick
X1 Rough Sapphire X25 Smooth Sapphire Brick
X1 Silver Ore X25 Smooth Silver Brick
X1 Rough Topax X25 Smooth Topax Brick

Other Obtaining MethodsEdit

Occasionally, you will also find Smooth Bricks in Treasure Chests. This gives a possibility of all types of Smooth Bricks. This method is mostly used by non-premium users to obtain smooth blocks.

Which smooth do you like best?

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